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Grandmothers Standing for Peace in Lithia Park

by Leslie Lanes

The Millionth Circle Conveners, the Board of an International Initiative that promotes the circle way of gathering, met in Ashland the last weekend of March. Associates of the Millionth Circle use and teach circle principals in different places in the world with the goal to seed, nurture and connect circles as a part of a larger movement to shift consciousness in the world. The circle is a model of participation that allows for shared leadership.

One of the Conveners of The Millionth Circle is Jean Shinoda Bolen, the author of many books including The Millionth Circle, which was the inspiration for the international initiative. "The Millionth Circle" refers to the circle whose formation tips the scales and shifts planetary consciousness.

Jean's most recent book Urgent Message from Mother: Gather the Women, Save the World cites in its acknowledgements local author Sharon Mehdi. Sharon's book The Great Silent Grandmother Gathering is a children's story for adults. In this story, the grandmothers meet and STAND in the park. "What do you think they are doing?" people asked one another in the book. It was a five year old girl who announced, "They're saving the world." As a surprise to the Millionth Circle participants, Sharon came and read her book.

The concept of standing has been recently proposed in "Wake Up America: We're Not in Kansas Anymore" ( ) by Steve Bhaerman aka Swami Beyondananada who states , *"Stop Marching, and ‘Stand' Instead. No more yelling, no more shouting, no more spouting anger that squanders energy better spent. Marching indicates there is someplace to get to. Standing demonstrates that we are already ‘here' and are quietly steadfast as a ‘stand' for the world we know is possible—and necessary." Bestselling author, Anne Lamott just recently came up with a proposal for simply standing as well. She says "Let's have a revolution! Does July 14 work for you? Leave your cellphone, bring some fruit, and protest—with kindness—what has happened to our country."*

On Sunday afternoon to close their weekend, conveners of the "Millionth Circle" met and stood in Lithia Park. They planted a seed here in Ashland for their agreement to help spread the word to stand for saving the world. Since the solstices and equinoxes mark the four planetary days of celebration known around the world, the Millionth Circle invites others to stand on these simply stand like the grandmothers did…..stand to save the world.

For more information on Sharon Mehdi's book The Great Silent Grandmother Gathering go to:

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