Millionth Circle

The Millionth Circle is a grass-roots, international volunteer organization of women who believe that circles are the means through which world consciousness will change. We seed and nurture circles whenever possible. We hold circle workshops, organized circle events, meet in circle with each other annually and monthly by phone. Here are some of the places we have held circles and training workshops:

1999 South Africa Parliament of World Religions, 1st circle workshop that resulted in Millionth Circle Initiative

2001 March Northern California First meeting

2001 Summer Mother Tree Conference Center Northern California

2001 November Glastonbury,England, Scotland and Ireland. Sponsored by Elinore Detiger members of Millionth Circle hold circles.
2002 March Circle Workshop Deer Hill, Wappingers Falls, New York

2002 October, Iona, Scotland Deep Dialogue in Circles

2003 October Findhorn,Scotland Circle Gathering and Facilitators Training

2003 October Gather the Women and Women of Vision and Action Conference Weaving a World that Works, Japantown, San Francisco

2003 Women of Wisdom Foundation Seattle, WA

2003 Circles of Compassion Geneva, Switzerland

2003 Spirit of Circle Seattle, WA

2004 Parliament of World’s Religions Congress Barcelona, Spain Millionth Circle and Peace X Peace hosted Intercultural Women’s Dialogue Workshop

2004 Circles of Compassion Geneva, Switzerland

2004 Gather the Women International Congress Dallas, TX Called to Lead, Called to Serve, Called to Balance

2005 Omega Institute Women and Power Conference, Personal and Planetary Transformation Circles with a Sacred Center

2006 Women's Perspective Circle Workshop, Fairfield, CT

2006 Gather the Women of Vision and Action Conference Victoria, Canada

2006 Gather the Women of South Florida

2007 3rd International Peace Conference sponsored by Peacemakers, Inc., Dallas, TX

2007 Deepening Ashland, Oregon Linda Merryman, Onnolee Stevens, Leslie Lanes's

2008 May Oaxaca Mexico Women’s Circle Journey 2008 Deepening San Francisco Area

2009 Deepening San Francisco area

2010 Deepening San Francisco area

2011 Women’s World Conference Ottawa, Canada

2012 Deepening

2013 Deepening San Francisco area

2014 UNCSW Economic Empowerment Circle Conversation, NY2014 Deepening East Bay

2015 Parliament of World Religions Salt Lake Circle Workshops

2016 Deepening Los Gatos, Ca

2017 Deepening Pajaro Dunes, Ca

2002 - 2018 Each Year Circle workshops were held at UNCSW (United Nations Commission on the Status of Women) UN Plaza New York


Millionth Circle