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Millionth Circle

From the Heart of the Circle: Circle Experiences and Gatherings

by Linda Merryman

A group of Ashland area women met to discuss what as elders we might offer the community. The circle was called by email invitation to women who had attended a Grandmother Council last year. One woman agreed to host the 2 hour Sunday afternoon circle. Another agreed to co hostess. Onzie and I brought the MC seed packets and and one was placed in the center with a candle and a lavender crystal that was used as our talking stick. We ranged in age from 76 to 55. Most people did not know each other.

We shared two rounds, one introductory round and the second one we had five minutes each. The circle presented ideas that people felt passionate about seeing in our community. One woman had just seen the film "The future of Food" and was proposing working to get organic school lunches in the area.One woman was teaching kids how to sew and make things for themselves to know the process rather than only see things as something you buy. Another was bringing her photography skills and art projects to various youth groups. One woman was sewing and giving small red cloth hearts to children who were needy (and she gave one to each of us) and read a dear poem about the heart. Another woman talked about working with 'special' children and the indigo project. Onzie mentioned the circle she has started for The Old Ones (You have to be 70 to get in). One woman said, "I want to be the heart of this group." Another person was preparing to leave on a road trip to read her book to children and adults as a self appointed peace delegate.

Sometimes circles meet only once. This will be one of those. This exact group won't meet again, but a seed was sown and it has begun to germinate. There was enthusiasm and warmth and sharing and interest in continuing in some form to circle again, as elders, for the good of the community. Peace, elder wisdom, youth, and heart were the emerging themes.

millionth circle
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