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Jean Bolen

The Power of Circles

with Sedonia Cahill and Charles Garfield, hosted by Michael Toms (Program #2686)

The Power and Promise of Young Women

with K. Wind Hughes and Linda Wolf, hosted by Justine Willis Toms (Program #2749)

Into the Circle

with Jean Shinoda Bolen, hosted by Justine Willis Toms (Program #2803)

Circles of Conversation

with Vicki Robin, Juanita Brown, Leif Utne, hosted by Michael Toms (Program #3032)

Collective Creating Through Conversations

with Juanita Brown and David Isaacs, hosted by Michael Toms (Program #3106)

Urgent Message, Gather the Women

with Jean Shinoda Bolen, hosted by Bec Kageyama (Program #3101)

Expanding Your Tribe Through Circles

with Jalaja Bonheim by Justine Willis Toms (Program 3305)

BeComing, Women’s Circles, Women’s Lives: The Chakra Circle

A documentary of 10 women that are inter-generational, inter-cultural and inter-racial having dialogue in a circle. Created in 1999, the circle exemplifies what it is like to be in a continuous conversation around questions that lend meaning to our everyday lives. This documentary answers the question - how would our lives be different if everyone were a part of a circle. The Chakra Circle continues to flourish, now in its 21st year.


Ronita Johnson, member of the Chakra Circle. A woman comes to forgiveness around issues of abuse, racism and self-worth, after being inspired by the practice and principles of being in a circle community.

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