Millionth Circle

For the Men in Our Lives

by Leslie Lanes

It's not often that I find a facilitator and teacher of circles that is a man! And a man who has the skills of listening deeply, always pointing a person in the direction of personal empowerment and accountability…and he's been doing this for 20 years!

I sat with Tej in a community Stewardship circle and then got to know him even better at an innovative community sustainability project called "In My Village". He was one of the co-creators of the project whose vision was to use 'heart circles' to re-localize communities. It was then that I learned how much circles have been a part of his life. He was the founder of ‘Men in Circle' training men to create their own men's groups. He is currently the founding director of Heart Circle Trainings and has just written a book called "Heart Circles: How Sitting in Circle Can Transform Your World."

What I love about Tej is his passion in creating new social structures that awaken the vision, joy and creativity of the individual. He is always inviting people on a journey to discover how we can be heart-directed and therefore more responsive to the uncertain times in which we live. He sees that circles may be crucial in building sustainable communities to take us safely through this period of global transition from competition and fear to cooperation and love.

I so appreciate men like Tej bringing forth their work in the world and demonstrating the partnership with women that is so necessary at this time. Read more about heart circles at

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