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Dream of Greatness

by Ann Smith

How do we make great visions a reality? How can the dream of greatness be made easy and simply? Yesterday I was part of a conference call on developing partnerships that would bring about the dream for all women’s organizations to become united in our efforts. This conversation inspired me to think big, to reach for this dream of greatness. Gather the Women is in the subtitle of Jean Shinoda Bolen’s book, Urgent Message From Mother. It is also the name of a new organization called Gather The Women Global Matrix, that is about gathering the women in circle at local, national and international events. But before I get to events that are complex and take a lot of work, let’s start with what is the most easy and simple step—a women’s sacred circle.

The Millionth Circle as you know is about starting and nurturing women’s sacred circles; creating a tipping point. The Millionth Circle Initiative started in a women’s sacred circle. We continue to grow by being in circle in person, on email, through conference calls and hosting events. Starting a circle with two or more like-minded women friends is fun and so much easier than venturing out on your own.

I and two other friends just started Circle Connections, Inc., an organization that has resources and events to help individuals and groups start, nurture and connect circles. We have a flyer that you can use to get out the good news of starting your circle or hosting an event. We help make it easy and simple.

All who have experienced the power of sacred circles know that when women gather with Circle Principles as the foundation for unifying our dreams, energy, resources and actions, each event is powerful. It is one more step in transforming the old structures into life-giving systems. Being in a sacred circle is where we can best put aside our jealousies, competition, fears and live into a covenant of cooperation, collaboration, shared leadership, deep listening without judgment, sharing of resources, equality and mutual love.

So how does one circle help make the dream of a world of peace, justice and equality for all possible? One circle, connected to the worldwide spiritual circle movement is how. First easy step is to know the worldwide spiritual circle movement exists and to see ourselves as part of it. Now we can speak about it, pray about it, dream it with others, write about it, host an event that honors it, etc. Knowing we are part of something so big that we are just beginning to imagine the greatness is hopeful and joy-filled.

Becoming part of The Millionth Circle, Gather The Women Global Matrix, Circle Connections and many other circle organizations is an easy click on their websites.

So let’s hold up the vision and tell everyone and every group and organization that they are wanted and needed. Let’s spread the good news. To experience how simple this is, write down your intention to making the dream come true. Now share it with friends either through an email circle or in circle. Stating your intention is powerful. Stating your intention and having others do the same is even more powerful. This simple act is one of the most powerful acts of our times.

When we dream it together and work together, the dream comes true.

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