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Women's Circle of Guadalajara Mexico

Welcome to Circulo de Mujeres
Circle of Guadalajara Mexico

Hello from Mexico!

For a year now, my cousin Gabriela Velázquez and I started a women's circle based on El Millionth Circle. At the beginning we were only 4  including my cousin and I, but today we are 30 women.
Our meetings are once a month. We decided to read a tale in each of our meetings as they are pieces of ancestral feminine wisdom,  then each of us  share about our life experiences (happiness, sadness, uncertainty...) related to the theme of the story we read.

We just want to let you know how happy and grateful we are because this activity has been extremely healing for all the women who are part of  the circle.

Best Regards
Eva Velázquez

Our meetings are called “Círculo de Mujeres” (Women’s circle). We are currently 40 members between 23 and 60 years old. We meet once a month and there are currently 3 different groups. The first circle was created in November 2020 in Guadalajara City located in west-central Mexico.

Nuestras reuniones se llaman “Círculo de Mujeres”. Actualmente somos 40 miembros oscilando entre las edades de 23 a 60 años. Nos reunimos una vez al mes y actualmente hay 3 grupos diferentes. El primer círculo se creó en noviembre de 2020 en la ciudad de Guadalajara, ubicada en el centro-oeste de México.

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