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Women’s Circle- Flores de Mariposa

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Women’s Circle- Flores de Mariposa
Cagliari- Sardinia- Italy
Litha- 21st June 2020- local time: 5.30 a.m.

Choosing the date of the Summer Solstice to conclude, with a last meeting, the 2019-2020 Women's Circle activity, was for me to pursue a deep intuition. Everything was born from the awareness of the loss, fear, uncertainty that we all experienced during the lockdown due to COVID 19. In those long months it was like feeling the darkness enveloping Mother Earth and being unable to do anything except remain motionless, still, in silence. Just as animals teach us, with their survival instinct, when the danger is so great that it becomes useless to face it or even worse to run away, the only salvation is to pretend to be dead.

Now they are telling us to return to Life, to start meeting in presence again and no longer through a remote screen but always at a distance, with masks ... I felt that there was a great contradiction in this message, which sent a distorted command that was generating even more confusion.

The desire to hug each other again, to take each other's hand, to stay close once again denied by the fear that the Predator, invisible to the naked eye, could destroy us. How to get out of all this, I thought, if not turning to the force of nature that nourishes with its warmth, its light, its energy?

The sun, so precious and available at all latitudes, that every June 21st for millennia has brought a message of hope illuminating the Earth on the longest day of the year, has been an inspiration to mark the starting point. The male principle, in its positive sense, represented by the Sun, has come to help.
Defeating the darkness dictated by terror and a sense of inevitability, this inspired me to create the ritual that saw us sing, dance and raise our hands towards the rising sun.

We have created an altar where each has placed a red candle, hypericum and lavender flowers, ears of wheat to witness the abundant harvest we will receive after an extraordinary year of emotional work just concluded within Cagliari Women's Circle.

Everything took place in a beautiful garden, scented with Mediterranean bush, facing the sea: the dream come true of one of us who found a concrete evidence in a wonderfully welcoming home. The desire that Antonella has cultivated for many years until she reaches the point of being able to inaugurate it together with all of us.

We met in the dark, at 05.30 a.m. in silence, entering the garden almost on tiptoe, respecting the nature that was slowly awakening. The rhythmic sound of the drum, a propitiatory chant that lastly, at sunrise, was sung in unison, the colorful clothes, 24 women ... and a half (one of us is in her ninth month of a baby girl's pregnancy!). Our life plans written in the sheets we held in the right hand and finally a collective hug of a female humanity ready to smile at Life! A delicious breakfast, prepared with love, brought further happiness ... to celebrate the joy of being together!

This is the wish that we want to send to all the Women who with courage and determination are helping to form the Millionth Circle all over the world!

Maria Rosaria Loi Guttuso

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