Alchemy of Women's Circles

The Charter For Compassion Women and Girls sector is proud to welcome you to a very special call featuring Jean Shinoda Bolen and Ann Smith in the V2020 webinar series called The Alchemy and Power of Women's Collective Power in Circle on Oct 10th at 8:00 AM PST, 11:00 AM EST. 

This will be a power-packed conversation and every bit about what we will be nurturing and manifesting together in Toronto.

All are welcome to register and soak up the wisdom of these two amazing experts in their fields. Both are providing leadership for our event as well!

Please pass this on to all the women and men in your life to join us on this call. Following their discussion, the lines will be opened up for more voices to be heard in the "After Party".  Please try to log on with your computer so we can see your face!

I hope to see you all on Oct 10th and look forward to greeting you in Toronto on Nov 1st with the rest of the Alchemy team.

Please follow the link to Register. It's free!



Circle Events

Upcoming Circle Events

Saturday, October 20, 10-12pm, a collaboration of women’s groups of SW Florida will host 1000 Goddesses Gathering of Wisdom and Compassion at the House of Gaia in Naples.   In circle we will celebrate the sacred in us and all creation.  We will  go out into the world embodying the Divine Feminine in caring for creation as part of creation. 

Parliament of World Religions Nov 1-7, 2018, Toronto, Canada

Alchemy of Women and Girl’s Collective Wisdom & Power,  Thursday November 1, 2018  8.30 AM – 12.30 PM  Delta Hotel in downtown Toronto.   200 women and girls will gather in a sacred circle, respecting diversity and uniting as a mighty Divine Feminine force for positive change.  Local circles will also gather this day in solidarity with the Divine Feminine energy.  Join us on FB Group Alchemy of Women and Girl's Collective Wisdom and Power.


How to Start a Circle and Circle Organization Friday November 2, 12:15 PM - 1:45 PM, Room 201AB Convention Center.  Inspirational messages and practice in facilitating circles.

Wa’akwa Kerlathenhs We Rise Together: Sacred Circles Healing and Empowering Women and Girls, Saturday, November 3, 12:15-1:45pm, Room 201F.

Women's Coalitions Addressing Global Problems
Sunday November 4, 12:15 PM - 1:45 PM Room 709.  Using Circle Principles in co-creating women's coalitions that honors diversity and unites Divine Feminine energy for the greater good.

Join us by hosting a circle October 20th and November 1st and through prayer and meditation.



Alchemy of Women's Wisdom and Power November 1st

Help make this the largest circle event worldwide.  Join us by hosting a circle on November 1st and sending this flyer to organizations, circles and friends.

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We Rise! We Rise! We Rise Together!"  UNCSW Panel

We rose together! This metaphor certainly is fitting,  stated Jean Shinoda Bolen. It was a really fine panel, as each of us spoke eloquently about what we have individually spent years doing that would be furthered by a UN 5th World Conference on Women, with the humming sound of the Tibetan bell connecting us with each other and the audience at the heart level, and Rosemary William's introduction of us as a panel of committed people echoing the tone set by the bell with words. Something magical happened such as when people improvise around a theme in music, each contributing a solo, and the result is a one-time performance, which is a privilege to have participated in or to have been there. Elly Pradervand sharing her time with her SEVA awardee, did not miss a beat, and fit into the whole composition.

It was unexpected to hear several of you speak of your appreciation to me for carrying the 5WCW banner all this time, and receiving from Ambassador Chowdhury a 1325 pin, after he had described getting the "women, peace, and security” resolution #1325 passed by the Security Council. It is in need of political will to carry out the principles that could be generated by 5WCW.

Ambassador Chowdhury answered the question that has stop efforts to have a 5WCW.  It was believed that a Fifth World Conference would change the Platform for Action document.  Fortunately his answer was videotaped and this misconception can be put to rest.   


Millionth Circle