Rosemary Williams

CEO, Founder and Director Women's Perspective, Interfaith Minister, author of The Woman’s Book of Money and Spirituality and Economic Empowerment Training Manual, Millionth Circle Convener

Andrea T. Wachter, J.D.

Artist, social artist, retired attorney and teacher. Grassroots activist for peace, the environment, civil liberties and women's issues.

Justine Willis Toms

Co-founder, Creative Producer ( "Uncommon Wisdom for Unconventional Times: Changing the World One Broadcast at a Time”. Author of Small Pleasures:Finding Grace in a Chaotic World and co-author "True Work: Doing What You Love and Loving What You Do."

Onnolee Stevens

Bereavement Group facilitator for Jefferson County Health Care. Focusing on the sacred art of living and of dying. Retired non-profit consultant, psychotherapist. Onnolee Stevens Consultants

Ann Smith

Ann Smith  Co-author of “Stories from the Circle”, “WomenPrints” and numerous women’s leadership programs based on circle principles. Director Circle Connections,, SARAH4Hope Advisory Council, Earth Child Institute Board. Eager to help start and nurture circles and General Congresses of Women.

Peggy Sebera, M.S.

An Artist and Career Coach. Peggy helps women focus on setting their “compass” for the fulfillment of their business, artistic, and spiritual intentions. In addition to coaching, Peggy shows her landscape paintings ( in galleries throughout Sonoma County where she lives with her husband.

Clare Peterson

Retired nurse; Women's Wisdom Circles; author of The Grail Writings... a sacred text received in response to request for a teacher for our times contact ; Clare is a sincere pilgrim to the Isle of Iona and is deeply grateful to be present with wonderful others as the Sacred Feminine becomes visible and free in our world.

Lauren Oliver

Co-founder of CirclesWork!, convening and sitting in circles for over 40 years, teaching and sharing a simple user-friendly model of Circle. 

Linda Merryman

Social artist, writer, video producer, programs for children, art teacher volunteer, Grandmother, pilgrim on the path of awakening consciousness, circle member for 20 plus years in a women’s circle in Northern California, and Wise Women's circle in Hilo.

Penny McManigal

Artist-for-Peace-and-Transformation; creator of Weaving The Dream! a worldwide co-creative project. Artistic Ambassador for People to People International. She is who She is: wife, mother, Nana, friend, teacher, writer.