Millionth Circle


Millionth Circle Conveners Ann Smith, Rosemary Williams, Ingrid Willgren, Joan Whitacre, Judy Grosch and Jean Bolen were among the 5WWC delegation of 40 who came together at the 2007 UN CSW meetings, many of whom we were meeting for the first time. Among the group were a good number of Jean Houston’s Social Artistry women—(they came through Betty Rothenberger and Penny McManigal) and Gather the Women (GTW) women from Southern California, South Florida and New York City and others who joined us.

Betty Rothenberger, Penny McManigal, Ann Smith, Joan Kenley, Anele Heiges, Marilyn Fowler

Thanks to Penny, Ann, Joan Kenley for Pathways to Peace, Anele Heiges for International Public Policy Institute (IPPI), and Marilyn Fowler for Women Intercultural Network (WIN), all of us became official delegates.

Deb BallamSharon MehdiDeb Ballam (pictured left) brought thousands of big
cards in the five official UN languages to promote
Mother’s Day Standing for Peace
events worldwide, which was
Sharon Medhi’s (pictured right) seed idea.

We met in circle in a large room at Trinity Episcopal Church in Wall Street, to meet each other and make plans (action circles) for the CSW.

CSW-picture csw picture

We bonded, wore and took the blue and white 5WWC buttons and flyers to publicize our events during the week and along the way, we became known and appreciated.

csw pictures csw picture

It could be said that 5WWC was the best known and most recognized non NGO and we had NGO privileges there. By midweek, women were asking us for buttons, because they want a 5WWC.

CSW picture

Our events were very well attended and the responses were great.

The Anglican Consultative Council (ACC) sponsored Jean’s talk on "Urgent Message From Mother, Gather the Women, Save the World" on Monday.

Jean Shinoda Bolen
Jean Bolen Talk

The room was packed.

CSW - Bolen Talk
Bolen CSW Talk

Our workshop: Sponsored by WIN, IPPI & Pathways to Peace “Circles of Healing, Empowerment and Action” on Tuesday had 80 plus women. They experienced being in Circle and forming action circles related to peace, social justice, creative arts, circle technology, environment, and 5WWC.

CSW Meeting CSW Meeting

5WWC sponsored on its own: “The Millionth Circle” on Friday and repeated it on Saturday in place of WWSF Circles of Compassion, when Elly Pradervand could not be present.

CSW Picture
CSW Picture

We had three scheduled caucuses: (Wednesday, Thursday, and Tuesday of the second week). We came up with a statement circulated through regional caucuses to support 5WWC, then a petition that was circulated, with the third caucus held on Tuesday of the second week. (Alliances and support come through the caucuses.) Ann’s UN experience really helped.

CSW-Bolen Talk CSW Picture

We were recognized and spoke at the morning CSW NGO Briefing in the morning. We were applauded at a linkage caucus at the end of the day for our efforts to promote a Grassroots and NGO 5WWC and for seeking worldwide support through a new petition. (Download it here)

CSW Picture CSW Picture

Millionth Circle birthed and midwived 5WWC. She is doing very well. Sacred Circles, Circle Principles and Circle structures prevail. Our dream for a 5th Women's World Conference is happening.