Millionth Circle is Born

The need for a fifth international women's conference gathered support and momentum at the 2003 Gather the Women Congress. How to influence the upcoming UN CSW meetings in March 2004 was the question? A small strategy group of Americans and Canadians got together at the end of GTW, several of whom continued the conversation via conference calls.

Clare PetersonClare Peterson from Canada became our representative. Clare went to the UN as an NGO delegate with the information that there truly was grassroots support for a fifth world conference and that Brazil could be considered as the site. The idea was to create and disseminate an information packet for all of the official delegations to the UN CSW and have flyers to distribute to others at the CSW meetings.

We needed to have a website presence in order to do this effectively. Carol Hansen Grey and her husband Victor Grey along with Allan Saxon stepped forward to host, develop and design the site and provide the interactive software and Internet expertise. The core group (Penny McManigal, Carol Hansen Grey, Ann Smith, Clare Peterson, and Jean Bolen) pitched in to name the site, design the logo, write text for website and flyers, design, print, deliver and distribute them. Once at the UN, Clare was helped by Joan Whitacre and Ann Smith to get the message to delegations and to NGO representatives.

The site has recently been redesigned by Carol to include a comprehensive history of the previous World Conferences on Women as well as relevant downloads and links to valuable resources. Check it out at

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