Millionth Circle

Circles with a Spiritual Center at the UN

A reason for the initial visit of the Millionth Circle conveners to the UN was that one of the goals envisioned by Millionth Circle in its intention statement is to seed the idea of circles with a spiritual center at the United Nations.

Circles are a source of support and an antidote to burn out. Loss of meaning, indifference, and even cynicism in formerly idealistic and caring women is an occupational hazard. It comes from overwork and frustration, trying to help people on one hand, and deal with indifference or incompetency or lack of funds on the other. Women's NGOs are on the front line, trying to alleviate suffering caused by wars, famine, and exploitation of women and children.

A circle of women is a nurturing and sustaining resource that can become a spiritual and psychological wellspring that is tapped into whenever the circle meets.

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