Millionth Circle

How to Change Ourselves and the World

The book that inspired the Millionth Circle Initiative. A combination of visionary and how-to ideas by Jean Shinoda Bolen, M. D., author, Jungian analyst, psychiatrist, and leader in the women's empowerment and spirituality movement.

The Millionth Circle proposes nothing less than the possibility that women's circles with a spiritual center can accelerate humanity's shift into a post-patriarchal era. Circles build upon what women do naturally, and have brought about major political and social changes. Women in small groups grew into the Women's Suffragette's movement, which gained women the right to vote in 1920. Women in small consciousness-raising groups led to the Women's movement of the 1970s. A millionth circle movement led by women could change planetary consciousness.

"The Millionth Circle," writes Bolen, "depends upon a simple hypothesis: when a critical number of people change how they think and behave, the culture will also, and a new era begins. Once the principles are understood, the significance of women's circles can be appreciated as a revolutionary-evolutionary movement that is hidden in plain sight."

Royalties from sales of The Millionth Circle donated to The Millionth Circle Initiative.

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