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Urgent Message from MotherURGENT MESSAGE FROM MOTHER:
Gather the Women, Save the World

Gather the women, save the world" is a message from Mother Earth, Mother Goddess, Mother archetype, delivered by author Jean Shinoda Bolen. The words evoke an intuitive recognition, a wisdom whose time has come. Women as a gender, not every woman but women generally, have a wisdom that is needed. This is a call from the Sacred Feminine to bring the feminine principle which most women and some men embody into consciousness and culture. When there is a critical mass and the tipping point is reached, gender balance ends patriarchy, and peace becomes possible.

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Heeding the Urgent Message from Mother

Heeding the Urgent Message from MotherJeanShinoda Bolen's Closing Keynote Address at the 3rd International Women's Peace Conference in Dallas, TX on July 13, 2007.
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This is the inspiring call to action to “gather the women and save the world” that was interrupted by applause and got a standing ovation. Jean spoke spontaneously, quietly and yet passionately to women in the audience from all over the world. Listening to the CD, it is as if Jean is speaking directly to the individual listener as well as addressing a large audience. This is a CD to listen to and share for information and inspiration. It can be the seed idea that leads to the forming of more circles with a spiritual center.

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