Millionth Circle


The Millionth Circle is a grass-roots, international volunteer organization of women who believe that circles are the means through which world consciousness will change.

Pacifica International located in Seattle, Washington provides us with our 501c3 IRS status. Donations towards the Millionth Circle Initiative can be made through Pacifica International Foundation and are tax deductible.


Jean Bolen

Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D. (Mill Valley, CA) Psychiatrist, Jungian analyst, clinical professor UCSF Author of The Millionth Circle; Goddesses in Everywoman; Urgent Message from Mother; and seven other books. For more information see

Katherine Collis

Katherine Collis (Seattle, WA) Founder, Pacifica International Foundation, non-profit home for the Millionth Circle Initiative. Counselor, teacher, facilitator. 425 -747-8711

Elinore Detiger

Elinore Detiger (Island of Iona) Septuagenarian who has dedicated most of her life to global and international work with the hope of helping to create a better world. Have worked quietly behind the scenes with a banner of service which says: NO CHALLENGE IS TOO GREAT — NO CONTRIBUTION IS TOO SMALL.

Judy Grosch

Judy Grosch (Bernried, Germany) Tutor, translator, poet, concert organizer, wife, mother, grandmother. Had Jean introduce MC to women in Munich. She organized the first memorial celebration for starving prisoners from a Bavarian concentration camp packed into a train that had stopped in her village just days before the end of WW II.

Donna Goodman

Donna L. Goodman (Woodbridge, CT) Founder of The Earth Child Institute and Programme Advisor in the Water, Environment and Sanitation Section at UNICEF and author of UNICEF Water Alert! Interactive Game and Every Body Counts, Every Drop Matters: United Nations Classroom Resource Guide on Water. Mom of Stacey, Lindsey and Elliot Lee.

Nancy Grandfield

Nancy Grandfield (San Carlos, CA) Ancestor in training, pilgrim, MC hospitality convener, conference coordinator, wife, mother, sister, friend, enabler, and lover of human/animal-kind.

Ronita Johnson

Ronita Johnson (Pleasant Hill, CA) Visionary Creator of "Celebrating Our Inner Queen" and certified Personal Development Coach. Creating life-changing circles for women to embrace their majesty, one moment at a time! Visit her website at

Betty Karr

Betty Karr (Seattle, WA) Program logistics coordinator and business owner of Kartec, a desktop publishing & database service.

Joan Kenley

Joan Kenley, PhD, Host & Executive Producer The Joan Kenley Show, branded as Conversation Radio™ - to touch your mind, body, heart, and soul - featuring women, circles, peaceful intentions, and sustainable living. Author: Voice Power; Whose Body Is It Anyway?

Leslie Lanes

Leslie S. Lanes (Ashland, Oregon) Circle Consultant and facilitator. Co-designer of The Rose Circle, a community organization training women to be Circle Mentors for girls' circles. Visit her website at

Penny McManigal

Penny McManigal (Newport Beach, CA) Artist-for-Peace-and-Transformation; creator of Weaving The Dream! a worldwide co-creative project. Artistic Ambassador for People to People International. She is who She is: wife, mother, Nana, friend, teacher, writer.

Linda Merryman

Linda Merryman (Ashland, OR) Social artist, writer, video producer, programs for children, circle seeder and facilitator.

Clare Peterson

Clare Peterson (Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada) Retired registered nurse, co-founder Community Wellness Centre, social activist, artist, writer, core member MC, Gather the Women-Canada and 5th WWC Planning Group.

Elly Pradervand

Elly Pradervand (Geneva, Switzerland) Founder, Executive Director Women's World Summit Foundation.

Betty Rothenberger

Elisabeth "Betty" Zinck Rothenberger (Novato, CA) Associate of Dr. Jean Houston Social artistry, mentor/teacher - The Mystery School Retired inner-city public school teacher.

Peggy Sebera

Peggy Sebera, M.S. (Petaluma, CA) International dialogue circle facilitator. Owner, Renaissance Consulting Group, offering organization and team development, personal and professional coaching

Ann Smith

Ann Smith (Naples, FL) Co-author of “Stories from the Circle”, “WomenPrints” and numerous women’s leadership programs based on circle principles. Co-Director, Circle Connections, Consultant and coach for groups, organizations, and events.

Onnolee Stevens

Onnolee Stevens (Port Townsend, WA) Focusing on the sacred art of living and dying. Onnolee Stevens Consultants

Justine Toms

Justine Willis Toms (Ukiah CA) Co-founder, Managing Producer New Dimensions World Broadcasting Network "Uncommon Wisdom for Unconventional Times: Changing the world, one broadcast at a time" and  co-author "True Work: Doing What You Love and Loving What You Do."

Andrea Wachter

Andrea T. Wachter, J.D. (San Francisco, CA) Artist, social artist, retired attorney and teacher. Grassroots activist for peace, the environment, civil liberties and women's issues.

Rosemary Williams

Rosemary Williams (Fairfield, CT) Director, Women's Perspective, author, “A Woman’s Book of Money and Spirituality” from Inner Ocean Press.